How To Put Together an Effective Automated Follow-up Campaign That Books New Customers Every Week


More customers. It’s what everyone wants, Right?

Let’s talk about how to create a campaign FULL of those persuasive emails that, by the end…turn strangers into customers.

At any given time, only about 3% of your market is ready to buy.

Another 6-7% of the market is open to buying but they might not have a strong need to do so yet.

30% aren’t thinking about buying.

Another 30% of people are thinking about it…and they don’t think they’re interested in buying right now.

And then there’s the bottom level of The Buyer’s Pyramid: the 30% of people who “know” they’re not interested in buying. These people strongly believe it’s not the right time to buy.

Knowing that only 3% of your market is ready to buy…

It would be highly ineffective to send an email to a brand new subscriber saying, “BUY FROM ME!”, wouldn’t it?

That kind of email will turn off 90-97% of your market! It’s too strong of a sales message, too soon.

Instead, it’s smarter to create a warming-up experience that feels valuable to everyone, regardless of where they’re at in the journey. It will allow those who are ready to take the next step right away…without pressuring those who are lower down on the pyramid.

That’s where your email campaign comes in….


Email Campaign 101


According to the Online Marketing Institute, it takes 7-13 touch points before a lead is “sales-ready”.

There is an incredible amount of distraction and a high level of skepticism these days. It takes prospects a while to be comfortable enough with you to feel ready to buy.

Sure, you could reach those follow-up of phone calls, It’s much more efficient if you automate those touchpoints using an email campaign.

An email campaign is a series of messages designed to take a subscriber from Point A to Point B. You’ll introduce yourself and your services naturally by having a no-pressure conversation in people’s inboxes.

By the end of your campaign, subscribers will know, like, and trust you…and be ready to say “yes” to taking the next step.

At ShiftBlaze, we always recommend you include 15 emails in your campaign.

It’s all automated, so there’s no downside to building a longer runway! 

Email Strategy

email strategy

The key behind an effective email campaign is that it’s a controlled path. You decide where you want to take a new prospect, step by step by step.

That’s the beauty of email campaigns:

You can look at the big picture of a brand new prospect’s journey…and guide them in the right direction.

To create a strong email campaign, you need to clearly understand where your subscriber is now (where they’re starting from) and where you want them to go.

Your prospect’s starting point is likely something like this: “I don’t really know this broker but I’m interested in what he/she has to say.”

And where you want a subscriber to go is probably something like: “I really like this broker. They clearly know their stuff! I’m ready to book a call to learn more about working together.”

So…how do you get them from Point A to Point B?

The strategy will be different for each business, depending on your audience, market, and other factors.

Want to learn more about the best strategy for YOU business, industry, and customer…for free?

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Although we can’t tell you the exact strategy you should use until we speak with you directly, most businesses will benefit from incorporating one or more of the following into their email campaigns:




One of the best ways to build your relationship with a new subscriber is by educating them, sharing tips, and helping them solve their problems.

Many brokers shy away from this at first, thinking, “Why should I share my hard-won knowledge for free?”

Think of it this way: You’re not giving it away for free. You’re simply playing the long game!

When you educate a reader, you position yourself as an authority. You show that you are a knowledgeable expert in the industry. And you show you care, since you’re giving your knowledge away without asking for anything in return.

This is exactly how you want a new prospect to look at you, isn’t it? As a knowledgeable, trusted expert who truly cares about them?

Think about how powerful that will be when it comes time to have a sales conversation! The lead will be an easy “yes” because of how much you’ve given upfront.

Sharing Prove


Most potential customers are very skeptical. One job of your email campaign is to show you’re the real deal and you aren’t just blowing smoke.

Instead of dumping all your credibility at once (which would seem braggy and pushy,) sprinkle in many different forms of proof throughout your email campaign.

Throughout your 15 emails, mention things like:

Your # of years experience

How many customers you’ve helped

Any media features

Awards in the industry or community

Your background and education (if applicable)

Your reputation in the local area

By the end of your email campaign, a new subscriber will know enough to trust you. But because you’re sprinkling these bits of proof in, they’ll never feel bombarded with it.


Changing Beliefs


Your 15-part email campaign takes readers on a journey. Throughout that journey, you want to change their beliefs, little by little.

Remember, most subscribers probably start out thinking, “I don’t really know this broker but I’m interested in what he/she has to say.”

Throughout your campaign, you want to create new beliefs like, “Wow, this broker really knows his/her stuff.”

You want to knock out limiting beliefs, like, “I could never get results like that.”

You also want to handle common objections or reasons why a prospect might say “no” to working with you.

For example, if you know most prospects think that buying their first home is scary and intimidating, use your email campaign as an opportunity to make it feel less scary and intimidating.

If your prospects think an agent’s commission is expensive, share a story in your email about how hiring an agent is the best way to make significantly more on the sale of your home…so it’s worth every penny of commission.

When you use your email campaign to change beliefs and handle objections head-on, you can change people’s minds before you get on the phone with them. This will make it so much easier to get a “yes” during a later sales conversation.

The ONE Thing Every Email in Your Campaign Must Include!

email marketing

In your email campaign, you MUST include a call-to-action (CTA) with clear steps about what to do next.

Tell a reader exactly what you want them to do.

Don’t beat around the bush by saying, “Contact us for more info.”

Be clear and say something like, “Click here to sign up for a free call and learn more about the best ways to sell your home.”

See the difference?

We recommend that every email in your campaign includes a CTA.

Different prospects feel ready at different times. Someone may want to talk to you after the first email. Another may need lots of warming up to be ready to take the next step.

You want to give everyone an opportunity to say “yes” the moment they’re ready. That’s why it’s crucial to have a clear CTA inside every email of your campaign.

A P.S. section is a great place to include your CTA! This makes it easy for people to know what to do next, without feeling pushy if they’re not ready yet.

We’re all busy professionals. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to manually reach 13 touchpoints per prospect.

It’s a much smarter use of your time to create one email campaign to warm up every new prospect (automatically) and invite them to get on the phone with you when they’re hot hot HOT… don’t you agree?

Let’s Map Out Your Email Campaign

One way we give back is by offering free calls to design your custom automated sales funnel. (And, okay, also because we’re huge nerds and love doing this stuff!)

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