Happy Customers are Necessary for Small Business Growth.

Here’s Why!

A happy customer is a repeat customer. And loyal customers are the backbone of small businesses. This is especially important in a sales business where you need a consistent stream of happy clients.

So, how do you keep your customers happy, smiling, and coming back for more?

That is what we’ll be looking at – why you need happy customers for a successful small business and how to keep them happy.

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Why you should keep customers happy?

Build a loyal customer list

It’s easier – and cheaper – to convert a repeat customer than to acquire a new one. Plus, customers who were happy with your product or service will return.

Organic (aka free) marketing

Word of mouth is a powerful tool – and a sales business can thrive on referrals. When people are happy with your service, they’ll spread the word and won’t hesitate to give a recommendation when asked.

So, consider what your customers are now telling their family and friends, posting on social media. Will it benefit your business? Keep them happy, and the recommendations will continue to flow.

Save money

Keeping your customers happy, which leads to repeat clients, means you can save on marketing costs. Even better, you are also reducing your lead acquisition costs. Because once you understand the lifetime value of a customer, then you can truly realize the benefits of maintaining a happy relationship with your customers.


How to Maintain Peak Happiness Levels With Your Customers?

We all know the saying that “the customer is always right”. But that’s not how to instil confidence, respect, and happiness from your customers. You can do so by:


Keeping in Touch with Your Customers

Maintaining contact with past customers is a great way to keep them in the loop about your business. Past customers will more than likely be the ones spreading good word-of-mouth information about your business.

If they’re current customers (e.g. in an ongoing relationship), then maintaining an open line of communication will illustrate that you care about the relationship and not just the money you’ll earn.

This is where an email list comes in handy, so make sure you’re capturing email data for your customers. 


Providing Reliable Communication

Set up your business to treat your customers like you would a friend. They should never feel like an afterthought. Make sure you can easily respond to concerns and questions.

We know you won’t be able to address every customer concern, but letting them know it’s acknowledged and being worked on goes a long way to increasing the positive sentiment towards your brand.

Reliable communication also means listening to your customers. When you listen to your customers, it’s easier to be responsive to their needs and concerns.

Delivering Reliable Service

This is another key to keeping customers instead of losing them to your competitor.

In addition to ensuring your product or service is of a high standard, set up the systems and operations that guarantee a smooth order and fulfilment process for your customers.

When they can equate your service to a higher standard than what they’re used to from others, you will be developing a fruitful relationship with happy clients.


Small Business Success Thrives On Happy Clients

Your customers’ satisfaction is the key to success in your small business. Customer retention costs (time and money) are much lower than new customer acquisition costs in the sales process. So, make sure their stay with your business is as frictionless and stress-free as possible.

Want to learn how as a small business owner you can optimize your systems to reap the benefits of happy existing customers?

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