5 Reasons Why Your Ideal Clients Hate Your Website Copy.

1. You don't explain how your product or service helps them.

If I asked you to list out the benefits to your product, what do you think of first? Did your mind immediately jump to features of those products, rather than its benefits for your customers?

A common oversight on websites is messaging features as benefits. Features are often a component of the product, whereas a benefit is what a client can accomplish or do with the product.

Though it’s important for prospects to learn about the features of the product, it’s critical for them to understand the benefits behind those features.

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2. You Don't Provide Information So Prospects Can Self-Access Fit

Today's clients want to be in control of the buying process. Clients no longer want to come to you with a list of problems asking you if you have the right solution.

Instead, they want to come to you with a pre-determined solution asking you if they are making the right choice. How can they do that if there is no way for them to decipher which solution best meets their needs?

In the least, publish articles on your website that answer the most common questions your prospects have. This way, they can find the answer themselves, saving you time and energy.

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3. You Talk Too Much About Yourself

Let’s do a little experiment. Open up your homepage or the main product page and count the number of times you refer to yourself or your company. You’re looking for statements that include your brand name, “ we”, and “our” in them.

Now, on the same page, count the number of times you refer to your prospect. These statements will be phased to include “ you” and “ your” — a statement that speaks directly to them as if they were sitting across from you. Which tally has more? Chances are, you talk way too much about yourself and not nearly enough about your prospect.

People care less about what you think or claim and care much more about what that product is going to do for them.

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4. You Never Admit Your Faults

Even though you want to speak more about your prospects and their needs on your web pages, that doesn’t mean you should never talk about yourself. A commonly missed opportunity for business owners not addressing the problems or issues a prospective client will face when choosing your solution.

Yep, I said it. You need to talk about problems with your product or service. All Mortgage and Real Estate Brokers think they are the best at what they do. Instead of solely focusing on how good you are, spend time diving into areas of weakness.

Why? Because fear is going to be something that can hold back a sale. By addressing customer fears head-on, you will build trust with prospects and help eliminate their fears (or in the very least, give answers to their questions).

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5. There's No Proof That Other Real Customers Have Used Your Services

I honestly don’t think I’ve purchased anything in the past five years without reading reviews first. Whether it’s a new book to binge or an upcoming hair appointment, I have an intense need to see and hear from others on their experience and thoughts.

I know I’m not alone. Social proof is often cited as a key element to include on your website. Because of that, people today actually look for social proof on websites. When it’s missing, it feels like your service isn’t as trustworthy or credible as it could be.

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Jenna is a co-founder of the MortgageB.ca, a founder of the Shiftblaze.com and Mortgage Academy for Social Broker Success.

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